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Default Re: Rae and Ghostface..

Originally Posted by wadedigital36
i cant say that i understand everything but i understand most of it. wu-tang as a whole is like that. it takes a bit more effort on the listeners part to understand thier lyrics.
Counldnt agree more, and thats why I love thier music so much. Rae is slang king of Hip-hop. And Ghost & Rae are my favorite members of the clan. The only members of the clan that are in my top 20 favorite MC's (Ghost being #1, and Rae somewhere between 15-20.) And alot of the reason I like them is because of the reason we speak of. I mean, 90% of Supreme Clientele is not understandable to the untrained ear. Some of it is just abunch of misc. rhymes, but some of it means something, and you really gotta put 2 and 2 together to get it.


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