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Originally Posted by Eric Unseen View Post
Mentally I'm so subliminal it's criminal,
I invade like an invisible general
Carry 4 stars, I murder in 4 bars
Drive away from homicide in unmarked cars
When I was a kid I used to wish on the Osirus constellation
The adult serves emcees decimation in atleast five nations
Your proclamations and declarations ain't giving independence
I free minds whenever the pen hits, the heart quits
I send electric shocks to bring 'em back to life
Just to show the coldest killer could still be hella nice
But never think twice to slice, hit em' hard enough for a DNA splice
Drinkin blended rice between wires, I won't retire from flippin the non-scripted
I just my thrown fist in the air, tellin 'em to get lifted
copyin shit! biter!
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