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yo rap skills that crept through your grills stops you quick stand still this rhyme is ill. I slap you with the bill. Write me off your money and jewls in your will. This shit give you chills. The script I ripped. You slaves gettin' wipped. You slipped when you ran your ragedy lips. Scoop you up like a wip. Take your trip out here. To where you say don't stray I'll blind you like a sun ray. Take your food and sit it on my tray. School's in have you spin around on a merry go round. Keep your feet on the ground or get clowned. What went down, don't frown. We all got are time to go it's sour like you lime. Hit you off like chimes. You wines foul don't prowl like an owl, just throw in your towel. Or taste my bowels. I reign over you all like towers.
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