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A yo, Don't bother unless you god blessed I'll put foes to rest and cause a bloody mess. Get sh*t off my chest I'm the best. Who don't say yes ? Have a game of chess. Your queen is mine she get wine and dined. I'm to refined. My source of creation or birth undefined only revealed to the Divine. Sip grapes off vines. See my thoughts choke fakes like braches or twines. Who's got the rhymes that catches nothing but fine dimes ? Yours trully, I represent it fully and automatically brake fakes kill snakes. Eat of the best plates. Highly rated never debated. Babies get ejaculated in the cleanest purest ovaries. Enemies found in the obscure places like the obituaries. Pull em' out of their existance like tooth faries one aint enough call you bluff you aint rough. Habitual ritual it's intuitional impulses firing and flaring who's staring at the son(sun) willing and baring the pain. Is you insane go into the brain for a quick drain before it rain. The plane out the sky grabs your eye so you sigh. What is that your tie around your neck or apple pie in your face trying to get fly. What the heck you just flex before the ship wrecks. Hit the decks when I appear like T-Rex. Tyranosauraus Rex collecting checks and chicks with the slickest gear stick up their rear. The fear in my enemies as they drop tears for their end is near. Pay your dues wear your own shoes leave a few clues as you catch my cues get the dull fuse if you refuse. Catching no snooze getting smooth like some chocolate moose. Yo after I get mother goose real loose you can always try to maybe re-use. Recycle the mic-cycle and try to get my title. Reptiles beneath tiles getting exhiled so sit back and think for awhile.
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