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Default Re: ironman or Liquid Swords ??? chose

Originally Posted by manhattanknight77
musically and lyrically iron swords was the second best wu tang cd period next to enter the wutang and ob4cl. man i even liked tical just a little more than iron man cuz when i heard iron man u could tell there was alittle declining on rza's production .
yeah, in Ironman, the beats aren't as good as RZA's work before that. Ironman also sounds a bit like a mixtape to me, it doesn't sound like the songs are put together well, I mean on some tracks there are no fading between them and the just interupt each other, like how Motherless Child comes in to Daytona 500. Ironman is a good album no doubt, but it doesn't sound like a 9 or 10/10 album to me.
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