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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

I'm everywhere and nowhere... a shadow at night//
food for thought an aquired taste... you bite it dont taste right
leave a bad after-taste in your mouth like a 100pr00f shot//
he got phat flow like like Cartman arteries... I give up props
our styles killer see... cross dope swordsman, show chivalry/
back and forth dartz hit your pressure points, so fluidly
back to the future... this the Gasol post... gasers get toast//
Im'a diamond sutra thief... get to the heist before Ghost
you wanna be Top Cat... your a copy cat tryin'a act cool//
frontin like you ever watched kung-fu before hearin Wu
your a dick rider... spider sense tingles... causin' alarm//
come to my parlour to get whole clan tattooed on your arm
my gun slipped... you got sticked... ink poison your veins black//
now Im the Czar... I pray Allah... never brings your reign back
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