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Originally Posted by VernakuLa View Post
Very promising man, making bitches go opposite ends
Every time steppin to me, you'll get lobbed at ya friends
Ready for war, in apollos charriot, psalms swallowed very quick
Nearly every bitch, like the very rich musk of my hairy dick!
Add like addition, stab at ya prism, Hashin' with quick thumbs
Krack on ya business, snap on you bitches, slappin you dickless!
Usin' the mental, to snap but not bruiise with untensils
Lose lips, use clips , to speak, bruise kids who speak
Any mother fucker, who wanna spit too deep
Act like ya kno- rap quite a show- kidnap, snipe and go..sit back, cypha slow..
Clip smack..ya life'll GO! knife I HOLD..SWIPE it CLOSE..PRICE has ROSE...
License owned..for me to KILL..sites Ive a body fitz..for snotty kidz.!
Irv GOTTI GETZ his share n he dont bother why dont I get minez n a party..?shit..!
Karate flicz.. inspire my lyrical fire..chop sum brickz..sell..cop me swift wit da cockiness!.

Yall just-a-part of it..I started this parliment so follow it!!. u cudnt light me up if u had tha hottest wrists!!.
Acknowledge when a scholar spitz!. if so gimmie-a-hollah quick!~ or I abolish ribz..!
Notch a bit this rockin drippin heated flame seakin brainz scripture!!.. im insane nigga!!
Obnoxious flickz..get shown..u gettin BLOWN from ACz POEMZ..smash ya backbone!!.

Yall NEVA LAST in ZONEZ..this an extra LINE cuz I already kno i PASSED MY OWN!!!!
Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC

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