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Thanks again for the feedback. It's a long story about the name but to sum it up, some brothers went their seperate ways for a while, and some aren't here anymore with us. We figured it would be best to start fresh because Tha Beggas name represented us as a whole and a particular mind state, which is still there at the heart of everything we do but there has been growth and expansion as men and as intelligent beings. We also realize we've been hidden from the world in so many different ways. There is a lot of misinformation or missing information regarding us and we're working to reveal that now. Also, when we make music, we strive to challenge our selves and draw upon hidden aspects of ourselves in order to grow and add on to what hip hop has given us. All in all, it's more of a philosophy than a group name. We're really a coalition of artists that work together to spread that philosphy to the masses and preserve what we love about hip hop. I could go on for days on that...
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