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Default Re: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?...Why

Originally Posted by Ronin
y? because american cinema is SHIT and they like taking english ideas and americanising them

war of the worlds, an american saving the world! out this month too..if they made films on reality, maybe theyd show the americans as the enemy

all the ww2 movies are funny because they make out they win the war single handedly
You're right man, well said.

I do think that the American movie industry rips alot of good movies. Like for instance the asia mania movies. The ring,The Grudge,Dark Water etc.....good movies,ofcourse, but they can't type the Asian cinema.
Now America is gonna re-make the Belgion blockbuster "De Zaak Alzheimer" aswell....What, did they run out of ideas or sumthin'? I mean c'mon, be original, get y'r own shit.
What's next? A re-make of "Seven Samuraļ"???????????????????
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