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Originally Posted by mightyhealthy View Post
I cant choose one over the other. I am extremely satisfied with both albums. Each is hot in their own unique way. I've had a chance to listen to Fishscale much more and it keeps getting better everytime I hear it. I think 421 will do the same.
Props to Ghost and Meth for holding shit down in 2006.
Masta Killa (MIB) as well.

Same here,

although i can @ this point say that some tracks on 421 are pretty stupid like 4eva, Fishscale doesn't have any stupid tracks (momma is a banga)

MIB sounds like a weak effort by mk, pretty good beats, ANOYING SKITS, and more than one stupid track (you know wich ones)

Masta Killa and U-God imo are fuccing nutz on possy cuts (cause they sound so different) but on solos (especially if they are lazy sounding) i dont like their flow

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