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Originally Posted by ~GENERAL_WISE~ View Post
Same here,

although i can @ this point say that some tracks on 421 are pretty stupid like 4eva, Fishscale doesn't have any stupid tracks (momma is a banga)

MIB sounds like a weak effort by mk, pretty good beats, ANOYING SKITS, and more than one stupid track (you know wich ones)

Masta Killa and U-God imo are fuccing nutz on possy cuts (cause they sound so different) but on solos (especially if they are lazy sounding) i dont like their flow
fishscale is definately dope, it has more of a ghostface feel to it than a wu feel, meth's album has more of a wu feel, at least so far listening to it, thats how it sounds compared to ghostface's, and there is more mf doom influence on ghost, but of course there are the wu tracks on it, on fishscale I am finding that I am liking some of the songs I wasnt feeling on it when it first came out now, like whip you with a strap, maybe its just cuz there hasnt been any fire dropped in a while, but this new meth obviously has changed that, MIB was disappointment, 2 dope wu albums out of 3 in a year though is ILLL, if cuban drops this year, it will be DOPE AS HELL, make that shit into a winter album

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