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deadlymelody grasshopper

I'll give a little comment on each track.

Chamber Music- Pretty banging beat, but it's really not that special. Intro scratching was a banging beat.

Careful- It's alright to me. Not classic grimy shit, like it's attempting to be.

Hollow Bones- Classic RZA. Favorite beat on album.

Redbull- Amateur. Not very fond of this beat.

One Blood- Very nice. Well done beat.

MC Conditioner- Not very good. Amateur again. Beat with GZA was sick.

Protecy Ya Neck- For being a more commercial beat it's pretty nice. Nothing great here.

Let My Niggas Live- It's so-so.

I Can't Go To Sleep- Well done here. Good from RZA.

Do Ya Really- Banger.

The Monument- Underrated here. Love the horns, and the drums and bass are spectacular, not some repetitive loop.

Gravel Pit- Banging for a commercial track.

Jah World- Another underrated produced song. Very somber feeling, well done. "Clap" is ok.

I vote average. To me, this is like "B" grade RZA. Lot of good things, nothing I was saying "wow" about. Regardless, "B" grade RZA is better than near everyone.
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