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Some great beats, some crap ones.

Into -I wish this was a full track. I personally think this is the best Wu album intro ever. The sample "But they never harmed anyone..." then the beat kicks in. Sooo dope

Chamber Music- Good beat but shouldn't have been the first track,

Careful is so grimey and dark. I love that beat so much. Its a really simple beat but it fits the Wu so well.

Hollow Bones- Never liked this beat/song. That vocal sample gets hella annoying after about 10 seconds.

Redbull- Decent beat. Nothing special.

One Blood- Great beat. Really cool vibe the song creates. Keeps with the albums dark tone.

Conditioner- Crap beat.

Protect Ya Neck/Jump Off- Really like this beat. Sounds like vintage Wu. Gets even better when it switches up for U-God.

Let My Niggas Live- Weak. Dark beat but I just never liked this beat.

I Can't Go to Sleep- Great beat although Rza didn't change it that much from the original song, doesn't make it any less quality. Tearz 2000.

Do You Really- I used to like this beat a lot but it becomes less appealing the more I hear it.

Monument- Decent beat. Could have been better.

Gravel Pit- Kinda cool but the beat seems out of place on this album.

Jah World- Really like this beat, especially how it closes out the album. The singing from the intro followed by the kung fu sample then Junior Reed kicks in. Really finishes off the album well. Keeps that dark/forbodeing tone. Too bad the lyrics weren't up to snuff on the track.
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