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Default Re: Is Common's "BE" a classic by today's standards??

BE is a classic by today's standards, but to place it on the same level as Illmatic, Ready To Die and 36 Chambers is another issue. Like someone said in an earlier post, you have to give it some time and another listen before calling it one of the all time greats. That's why the call it all time because the judgement is made after some amount of time. . . .not a couple of weeks after.

BE should be considered for 2005 Album of the Year. Common deserves props. But in the world of Soundscan, rap beefs and platinum sales it seems like 2005 could be the year of 50 Cent. I hate that it could wind up that way because of the content of The Massacre which is NOTHING. BE had a lot more to offer lyrically and production wise, Kanye kills anything else that comes out this year unless the RZA drops a gem.
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