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Originally Posted by AI3Yanks842 View Post
i respect your taste in music, i really do. but when you start labeling guys lyricists, thats when i start getting curious. youre telling me this passage has meaning to you?

"Welcome to my window the recipe for ice
a one room school where I murdered off poets twice
I brought two kegs one of beer and one of gun powder
red splattered count their organs I call it fun chowder
crank the music louder, miraculous how it rocks
I throw the whole crowd in a big three lock box
I'm smelling like a convertible man, I'm Micheal Myers what
crash into the gully and neck, I'll steal a firetruck
red twighlight, a vampire grin clever
The city on the edge of forever, his hand was severed
The antique shop is where I found a whale hook
He had a book on his book was how to cook
At my house we play out back, thats how I shattered shields
At my house we play out back, the dirty battlefield
This is the one thousandth raid of the ice pirate
A cloud of bats, war axes and maps, the skeletons"
yes it makes sense to me..

How could you give a person on a wrong path a right direction?

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