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abasi grasshopper

Ghost and Holacaust
Have two different styles
Some times ghost goes off the deep end like on Nutmeg but the thing is on that song Ghost does give u time to understand what's he's talking about he just spits
Also even if u don't understand what he's talking about it still sounds dope

Holacaust had one of the illest verses ever recorded imo and he killed Dooms Day (the black sea serpent that bury ships my hands becomes glocks and my knuckes hollow tips) and Bastard Swordsman on Dirty Weaponry but since his conversion I didn't like his new material because:

1. I didn't understand his style

2. I didn't understand what he was talking about

3. If his lyrics made sense I have to be blasted out of my mind to understand him
No thanks

When he first came out he was untouchable. If he returns to what he was
Ill be back on the wagon
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