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Originally Posted by AI3Yanks842 View Post
no, he really came out and said a lot of his stuff isnt meant to make sense, its meant to sound fly. in fact, hes made it very public, songs like one and nutmeg dont make sense whatsoever, but they sound fly as hell.

im not saying everything hes ever done is mindless drivel, but mainly on supreme clientele, his goal wasnt to make sense and be deep, it was to make the listener hear it and be like "oh shit!"

ghost isnt a rocket scientist, he doesnt create incomprehensible slang at the drop of a dime like youd like to think he does, hes only human as well as any of us.

you're 16, i bet there is so much termonology i could drop on your ass and youd be so god damn confused. i never said ghost got deep...(not saying he doesn't, just defending myself since this kids comprehension skills are weak) you're right, he's human, so he expresses himself differently then you would. haha i'm not gonna argue, if you think his shit is all nonsense take it to the "lyric interpretation" section and try to figure it out.

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