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Shaolin Finger Jab - ? (Can't hear enough of it, but sounds very good. It sounds like it actually might have been employing samples from what he later used on "Samurai Theme" on Ghost Dog.)

Chamber Music - 7.5 (Great track, cool drums, but why the FUCK is the music he sampled on this so LOW? It's barely audible. Whatever tho, it's nice.)

Careful - 8 (Might be too high of a score because the song is way too long, but since this is just about the beat, it has a LOT of cool elements in it - ones that only RZA could bring. That horn sample at the end is fire too, even if it's used only very briefly - it's better to underdo something than to overdo something in this kinda thing. If anyone here is a producer they might have noticed that that sample that plays twice at the end is actually playing throughout the ENTIRE song, it's just filtered down so only the low-end comes through and it provides the track's bassline.)

Hollow Bones - 6.5 (Eh. Almost annoyingly repetitive. Good though. Nothing great.)

Redbull - 7 (I like this beat and I can't figure out why. But I do know that the bassline's being completely incongruous and having nothing to do with the rest of the track is a nice touch. A few quick, random elements thrown in here and there like the blaring trumpet and the drum fills are cool and I like the strings. Very hot drums programmed there, too. Still, it isn't shit compared to the beat it USED to have: "Spot Lite" by Mathematics.)

Conditioner - ? (Is this even a song? I don't get it. The whole thing is a mess. There is nothing good to say about any of it. We've seen that RZA has a lot of very tight tracks in the vault, why not use just one of them on a Wu album!? It's just two piano chords and bullshit drums. Hate it. Easily one of the Top 5 most offensive Wu-Tang songs.)

Freestyle Interlude - 6.5 (See? This is what I'm talking about. I think they even included this at the end of Conditioner because they knew how fucking awful it was, and this could be a way of making up for it. Haha. The only thing that takes away from it is that the same samples are used on a song a few tracks later.)

Jump-Off - 6.5 (The repetition lowers it's appeal after awhile, the original version didn't have that change-up at U-God's verse. But that "Digital" section of the song is a nice change, and the drums are the shit there! It should return to the original sampled beat right after GZA's verse though. It does that in the video version - I'll have to rip that from the DVD.)

Let My Niggas Live - 7 (Pretty good find as far as samples are concerned. Very minimalist. The album version is a second mix - the original didn't have any changes throughout the entire song. The lows on the beat are almost too low, though - it could blow out your speakers if you're not properly equipped. Easily my favorite Nas verse, by the way.)

I Can't Go To Sleep - ? (I can't really rate this one. I guess it would be GREAT if you had never heard "Walk On By" or any of the tracks that have sampled it, but since I have, to me it's like RZA slacked-off a bit on this one. I don't really get "Holla" and "Big Girl" by Ghostface, where he just plays a record and raps over it. That sucks to me, and he shouldn't get production credits for those tracks, really. This song is kind of like that too, it's just looping the intro of the song. RZA said recently that he had never heard of MF Doom until recently for that Think Differently compilation, and if that's true, good! Otherwise, he would probably have heard Doom's "Dead Bent", in which he samples "Walk On By" far more effectively, and a LOT more creatively. Check that song if you haven't heard it - it's one of the NICEST breaks in all of hip-hop.)

Do You Really - 7.5 (Used to not like this as much, seemed to clean and glossed-up. I've come to appreciate the Wu-era where they had fallen from the top and were desperately attempting to stay in the spotlight, despite the fact that that meant doing things that weren't Wu-Tang at all. It's like an NFL linebacker going out of his way to become an NBA point guard because the NBA is going through a surge of popularity at the moment (this is just a wierd, almost nonsensical analogy.. it works though!). He can try as hard as he wants, but it's not going to work. He'll only be really appreciated for doing what he does naturally well. Anyway, I like this beat a lot now, and the "Allrightch'alllll" sample on the turnaround break. Maybe one of the Top 10 Math beats. Maybe not though. Hah)

Gravel Pit - 6.5 (The beat itself is alright, but PRODUCTION (in hip-hop) isn't limited just to the supplying of the music, but also the crafting of the song and it's presentation. This was intended to be a single, or a club track, so in come the chick singing a hook about her gravel pit (?!), and that corny intro with RZA talking about.. whatever. It's a cool title, and Wu is supposed to be gritty and raw and all that, but you can't call it Gravel Pit and make it glossy and R&B/Club. Bullshit. The beat is pretty good, but the overall production I'm not that into.)

The W - ? (This beat is stronger than A LOT of the ones included on this album, I don't know why it's in this shitty little interlude. It had a very solid RZA verse on this version - which was a rarity at that time when Bobby had fully taken over - but there's that hook. What the fuck is that hook!? "Got to check out 'The W'". What? I AM! I'm listening it to it right now you dumb motherfucker!! Seriously, that is probably the stupidest things I've ever heard. They are PROMOTING the album ON the album, on an interlude towards the end of the album. Oh, by the way, I wanted to remind you to read this sentence. You'll find it in the thread about the production on The W. If you do a search you might find it, it has a poll on it. Make sure you check out this post! Hope you read it sometime! GOD I hated Wu-Tang around this time.. does it show? )

The Monument - 8 (Lots of cool change ups and nice drum programming. I don't get why RZA is so resistant to doing what he does well! More of this, less of Bobby.)

Jah World - 8.5 (A lot of people hate this song, I don't. It's hard to talk about just the beat when the verses and, especially, the inclusion of J Reid make the track so powerful, but the sample is nice and all the overlaid film clips and effects work very well.)

Clap - ? (I thought I was done with RZA completely after hearing this. I thought he was REALLY pandering to what radio was at the time, and made an effort to do a track that was still Wu, but in the style of Swizz, or his many imitators. When I found out years later that it was Mathematics, I was relieved, and the song isn't really that bad at all. I'm unable to say that the sound of the time DID influence this track, though. But then again, if they were going to attempt a cross-over hit, they wouldn't do it on a hidden track now, would they? )
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