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^ big still.......

rougher then your average... ( drinks lastin?? )
body slammin, larger cannons... ( retire randy savage )
expression slashing, mid sections collapsing.. ( mother wonder wha happenin)
body untackin, pawns on the board jus laughin... ( strobes then scatterin )
you suckers wont get saved by the bell.... ( DING )
late for classh, auto's automatically fly you to hell... ( screaching fleeing )
ski masking, fuck maskin, front line spraying.. ( MAIN KINGS NEED NO TAMING)
MVP cant you see, working for the BIG G.o.D.. ( left, right nd centy )
aquire,wires,cause of liars,runnin unscared leaves me tired.. ( why sir ?? )
arch angels, dark tales'n, leadin to aye-my-k-mail... ( trap your soul nd get no bail )

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