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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

Im like a shot....
Cause when I ring out, I leave you twisted,
verbaly gifted,
you dont really want to fuck with this kid
I'll leave you a mess, that no one's gunna clean up
grab your team up,
cause we still gunna fuck the whole scene up
Bacardi and coke, so my team get's stupid on trigger
pull out the digger, we gon' get real nice on this figgure
My team play's for keep's
Full house, Kill's you're pair
you'll wonder where you're getting dragged off too....
under there
90 ft sleep with the fish's
I leave you best wish's, and a message
I must confess this, Im sick, similair to Big Ben
when I see you mother fucker's in hell..
im'a kill you again.

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