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Battle 1 shaolin monk

Word much love for dollar bills
Gold diamond studded grills
My speed excells
Verbal spells
Upon them they fells
No one really tells
It's water planted in wells
Oil fields where it dwells
Send wack foes to hells
Time to go ring bells

Will this sh*t ever cease
Maybe if someone gets diseased
From east to west challenge the best deaded the rest
Made em' confess
Felt the wrath like a breast got pressed
Milk released attack like a beast
In their girls womb like yeast
No infection minor detection always use protection
Correction it's my selection
Pointed in the right direction like an erection

My flows over-throw pharoahs
The path narrows
Shoot em' with arrows in the air like sparrows
Care for the share-hold so they told got bold
Still they fold
Stocks sold
I'm gauranteed all the gold
Even when I'm old

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