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Battle 1 shaolin monk

Word Moneys like fly honeys
Keeps your days sunney
Without it life aint funney
Some get rude no not you dude family feud
Interlude strippers in the nude
Twisted to restricted so get resisted
Some like to be assisted
Shop in any spot up and down alot
All my foes in hell they rot
Hard to hold too hot
Sail through thoughts like yachts
Be hitting mc's off like by the flocks
Be coasting near the docks close eye on the locks
Seashore debree over rocks
Doc spock's aqua marine socks
Bought shipment give it a thought
Oh well to bad they got caught
Live on tape like date rape
There's no escape
All sizes any shape
Wild like a jungle ape
Explode ovaries like a grape
Cumm over their faces like a drape
Flee incognito with Batman's cape
Move past any gate
Smash it on em' like a broken plate
Package up the crate before we move out of state
This rhymes top ten I rate
And the doe is all mine like leaves I rake

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