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suav3 grasshopper

signature tools, no finger to move... ( look at who ?? )
pullin moves,wearin shoes,small cat like tim-buck-two.. ( be mafia voodoo )
losing cools, is something im into...
trick foo's,now i, pitty foo's..
some think it pittyfull, real men say its spirtual..
the ones who make street life critical..
codes is real biblical, partying with bodies onthe serial... ( nd on vin )
not even drunk on gin, still rob your kin... ( no sin.. )
big tings,
i want your life nd dreams,
my whole life i scheme,
for dollarss nd creams its what im into
fuccin people
in the tummeis with airsofts then big dum dummies
mans think it funny
til i douse him with my honey
from my mag full of loving
straight fucking
straight jumping when i leave youon the floor
body no more
soul trapped in my draws
along with the other 187 or saw ... ( 2 perhaps if i had more money for gats )
working cause of cause??
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