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infectious belivelance credits be needed checkin... ( before any mu fuccer wanna make a move
i did big moves
nd still do
so what is it you want to get into
small food
cause im large like ordering 100 lobsters at a fine dine seat food,
cause i also serve mad crills,
that i use to rock mad jills
nd jack's nine nd girl,
its like im living in atime whirl,
how my money cirucalte within the circle like a time kill
pill get the pic....
bill is what igotta pay
so anyone gets the antibacti spray
if they infecting my ways..
birds,zips,onions,packs or 4,
quarter notes,
then a ki note
back its all the same you silly new jokes......
got cubans,
q balls,
huge falls
of that heron you wish you were swimmin in that waterfall'ndcrawl...
quater pounds and halfa pounds,
leave silly rabbits getting tricked by kids'wigs a fucced up cut,
why this sucka got a blush,
i slapped with the bun foo gun but....
working cause of cause??
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