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Default Re: Who here is gonna Order the Tyson fight?

Originally Posted by Ronin
tyson is done man, the divisions horrible

if he cant get to the top now then he shouldve retired years ago

i could fucking ko ruiz lol and hes a champion

Ok, ma peoples at war on Tyson. Heres my take...

To me Tyson is the GOAT. Ali was special aye. Marciano too but he never fought any class black boxers. Until Tyson got the jail over bullshit he was easily the best boxer on the planet. Had everything a boxer needed. Except for 1 infamous time when his head was a mess which was expected.

After jail, the money in sport was better than ever and Tyson basically had to fight coz it be dumb not to. Also coz of bastids behind the scenes. Yall know the stories. At the end of the day, Tyson in his prime... I really couldnt see him loosing.

Think about his losses. All at bad stages in his life never mind his fight career. Douglas and Holyfield every1 knows. Lewis, man. Lewis peaked at about 33, tyson at 22. And here I agree with Ronin in that he shoulda retired before these fights. Coz he aint the same as before, but no1 could be. Lewis only came to the light coz Tyson got put behind bars. Else he woulda been another victim back in the days - he done well to avoid that shit.

Williams was a disaster. Until Tysons knee blew I had scored every round in favour of Tyson easily. Plus Williams was fighting just to stay standing. People who back Williams rub this off as if Williams is the man. Fuck, Tyson was in a wheelchair and a cast for about 2 months after the fight. Go find it on google. If your knee goes it dont matter how much better than the other guy you are - your fucked! I seen that injury many a time and for the people who say he aint got heart any more, believe me he showed heart by simply standing and taking shots!

That being said, the HW division is a joke. Too many robots with no skill, class, intelligence or balls. Tyson at 50% of himself is still better than all them fucks. I guarantee it. If he ever gets his rematch, even if hes about 45, he would stop Williams. Thats why Lewis retired. Embarrassing and if he gave Vitali his rematch he woulda had to retire on a bad note.

Although Tyson shoulda retired a while ago, if he did retire now it would almost be the end of boxing. The lighter divisions are class but as time goes by the bigger guys are gonna be grappling more than boxing. We need Tyson man.

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