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Default Re: G unit bitches suck a dick

This thread turned out to be like a lot of other threads....apparently no one can stay on topic. I'm sure Bells of War intended this to be a thread to hate on G-Unit, but when I spoke the truth, you said something, then I said something, then you rhymed, the I did my thing, you called me a liar and came back, I came back harder , you came back, I came back harder and blah blah blah. And like every other rap thread that I go into, I speak the truth and 85's get on my ass calling me a hater. I hate on people who shouldn't be selling. And yes, Wu never got the promotion they did. The 90's was filled with GREAT Hip-Hop, and fans who appreciated great lyrics. Hip-Hop was dominant in the 90's, commercialism was trying to come up and now it has. It should've never came up. That's my whole point. I don't know how rap fans let this happen. Apparently we all still like Wu-Tang because we kept in touch and stayed listening and we found out about the solo albums that got barely any promotion. Now, you can't turn around and not see a billboard full of fags that call themselves rappers. Yes, blah blah I am a hater. Whatever. All the 85's out there can shove it. Lotta 10%'ers in here. You have some of the knowledge but you use it for evil. I don't think 85's really understand this. Being that they're only 13 and think what they hear on the radio is music. Whatever, I'm not done but I'll stop.
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