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Ok, what about these:

1. GZA - "Wu Banga 101"

Yo, too advanced, Digi' stance, made the CD enhanced
I move with the speed and strength of ants
Identical in form with the Beez they swarm
Hold up the cold current appear warm
My first verbal brawl, started on some yes yes y'all
to the beat y'all, break your windshield, your jeep stall
Mr. Traffic, dumbin shit, from ecclesiastic
Cashier, holdin out, fine, cut off the plastic
See the logo? A monument in hip-hop
Carved out, in the giant landscape, of broken rocks
Whether heard in herb spots, jukebox or malt shops
Uncut live, drop eighty-five, in one shot
Spotlight hits the metal mic, majority stare
Heard the Wu snare, while my iris cut down the glare
Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure
My Clan a make me rhyme like D. Banner under pressure
No surprise, double disc touched five
Those elements, kept environments colonized
with the high flyin death-defyin flow like the Rebel
Right there, but you're one light year, from my level

2. Ghostface Killah - "Winter Warz"

More than a thousand times one, snatch up my styles get done
I hold a title, enhanced how my belt was won, check it
Slick majestic, broke mics are left infected
Germs start to spread through your crew, drew like an epic
You asked for it, shot up the jams like syringes
My technique alone blows doors straight off the hinges
Masked Avenger, I appear to blow your ear like wind
With a freestyle, sharper than the Indian spear
So sit back and let the king explore
Describe me, the kid's nice and he holds swords
And his name, black attack's the nerve like migraines
With more games than beggars on trains, livid sharp pains
Poisonous Rebel like Deck, you can't destroy this
You get ambushed, skate, try to avoid this
Side effects of, hot raps and hot tracks
A duffle bag full of guns son, dipped in black
My culture, glides and attacks just like a vulture
Ghostface in Madison Square is on your poster

3. Killah Priest - "If You Don't Know"

The fatal brave to grave, the ceremonies
from religious cults, half man and half goat
Tomorrow hopes, based on the horoscopes
We followed goats, our nose and hella smoke
Fire breathin dragons, I rubbed the gold lantern
to the see the future, through the crystal ball
The triple walls of fisher wants to miss the fall
Offence, see the coffin, often
I fell at the doorstop coughin, I heard the pipe organ (cough)
Saw some men of a white origin
I saw Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush
Barefoot, sucking from the titties of a wolf
Upon the brazen altar, six men
offer they only daughter splashin holy water
I ran for the, camcorders, now I'm plagued with curses
I roam the Earth's surface, snatchin purses
Allergic to catholic churches, what's the purpose
Religious worship, is worthless
I visit ancient sanctuaries, where the saints were married
But now they buried cause of Satan's fury, I faced the jury
Held in court, like Christ nailed to a cross
Confront my knowledge, like Christ in front of Pontius Pilate
Days of violent, standing in a haunted palace
The government wants my wallet

Can anybody in hip-hop fuck with this lyrical madness, huh?? better bow down to the kings
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