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Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
1 B.O.B.B.Y
2 NYC Everything
3 Brooklyn Babies
4 Be Strong
5 Sickness
6 The Birth
7 A Day To God Is A 1000 Years
8 Righteous Way
9 See The Joy
10 Fast Cars
11 Love jones
12 Kiss of a Black Widow
13 Koto Chotan
Bonus tracks
14 Treagedy
15 Sunshower
16 Black Star Line Up
17 The Chase
18 I'm Back

those are my fav rza songs this album would be perfect for me
This looks real nice to me....Im feeling you Snapple on A Day to God is 1000 Years... This thread really makes me wish my CD drive on my comp wasnt broken...someone wanna make the above mix and send it to me? Props on the thread Gen.

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