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Originally Posted by ~GENERAL_WISE~ View Post
no idea wats going on.
From the interview:
Please name us your TOP 5 rappers and you TOP 5 albums of all time.

Top 5 MCs ... now we have to think. Of course this is excluding Tru-N-Livin.

1. Half-A-Mil (R.I.P.)
2. Nas
3. Kool G rap
4. AZ
5. Tragedy Khadafi, Black Thought, Common, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, etc. (Surprise! No Biggie, 2Pac or Jay-Z)

1. Illmatic [Nas]
2. The Purple Tape (if you dont know, ask around)
3. Reasonable Doubt [Jay-Z]
4. The Realness [Jay-Z]

5. Too many to narrow it down

I thought his choices for albums were odd after the Surprise! no Jay-Z statement.
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