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Originally Posted by rubyspirit View Post
From the interview:
Please name us your TOP 5 rappers and you TOP 5 albums of all time.

Top 5 MCs ... now we have to think. Of course this is excluding Tru-N-Livin.

1. Half-A-Mil (R.I.P.)
2. Nas
3. Kool G rap
4. AZ
5. Tragedy Khadafi, Black Thought, Common, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, etc. (Surprise! No Biggie, 2Pac or Jay-Z)

1. Illmatic [Nas]
2. The Purple Tape (if you dont know, ask around)
3. Reasonable Doubt [Jay-Z]
4. The Realness [Jay-Z]
5. Too many to narrow it down

I thought his choices for albums were odd after the Surprise! no Jay-Z statement.
That's all you got from that interview?? "Oh, that niggas a dork cuz he didn't list Jay - Z as his top five"?? Who tha fuck cares?

That's one reason why hip hop is so fucked up like it is today - groupie broads like you wit no fuckin loyalty to that pure just saying stupid shit.

You tryna tell me what to think, you need to be thinking bout' mo then that nigga's top 5...what else did he talk about? Did You keep yo mind open to that? No, cus youz a I thought from tha start.
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