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despite him having no promotion and no vid and his album sold just under a 100 grand in two weeks, he still gonna drop a couple more albums under def jam, trust me. Mef ain't goin nowhere else for a while, if ghost dropped 2 already and he gonna drop a 3rd one b4 christmas, what makes u think mef gon leave def jam...u know u guys can argue the same shit about The Roots cuz they sold a little less than Meth did, and meth is a solo artist whereas the roots is a group so they ain't gonna make shit all with their album. But what matters most is tours cuz that's where artists make their royalties and plus u got a live performance in front of ur eyes.....

veteren artists these days have a tougher sell when they drop albums cuz their labels are looking more for newer artists or artists that have that cross appeal. U can say the same thing for rock artists, u wont see commercials for bands like Deftones or maybe even Incubus and they've been around for a decade.....

worry more about what u feel instead of about what others feel cuz not everybody gonna like what u like...just go support ur artist whenever he comes to a town near u, thats a must.
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