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Originally Posted by Tetsuo View Post
you down with Power?
Nah im not down with Power like that, but i met him at the at the Wutang concert back in febuary out here, he was chillin at the tour bust steps with Method Man and DJ Mathematics, and i screamed out "Yo Power, what you with Killah Sin" and he goes "Thats my brother, come over here" and i go "Yeah I Know" so i go to him, and he asks me "how you know thats my brother" and im like "i must had read it somewhere" then he sees a cd's in my hand and he is like "Is that a beat cd, because im we looking for beats for Killah Sin album" and im like "Nah, its just a mixtape someone gave me before the concert" after that i was like damn i wish i was a producer, LOL, and we talked for like 2 or 3 minutes and that was it, we talked his roles in Black & White and Belly. Other than that i have talked to him on his myspace and also talk to Killah Sins on his myspace and his yahoo account. I saw Power again at the second Wu concert out here this August but didnt have the chance to talk to him. If ya produce beats and want Killah Sin's email PM me so i could send you the Email, i think they might be still be looking for beats.
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