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Q: You are also an accomplished singer, tell us more about your music career?
A: While pursuing my modeling and acting career, I would also attend open "mic" auditions where they would have poetry, rapping and singing. On time Berettea 9 of Wu Tang Killarmy was in the audience and invited me to record a few songs with him. On one song I got the chance to sing the hook. That song was then brought to the RZA, the executive producer of Wu Tang. The RZA also took an interest in my work and invited me to Sony Studios where Wu Tang was recording their 3rd album. At that time the RZA was also working on a solo project called "Birth of a Prince". From there it lead to me being featured on Track 12 called "Koto Choton" and singing the hook for "Fast Cars", "Ghost Face Killas" and "We Pop". I then performed at the Apollo, the Carson Daily Show and toured the country playing at many House of Blues venues. When I returned from touring, the RZA offered to produce my own album. This album is currently being mixed and I am constantly recording. I brought cameras to the studio to watch me record in an MTV special called "MTV Video Honeys". I was able to show that models have various goals and interests. I was also on tour with the Wu Tang reunion this year. We toured Connecticut, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Florida and, of course, New York City.
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