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Originally Posted by Drunken Wu Masta View Post
But RZA has yet to write, call or visit his former bandmate. Poetic is slow to criticize RZA, using a vague analogy about a snake being a snake, while hinting at his anger. When he finally speaks his mind, he speaks in decidedly un-hip-hop terms. "I'm just very disappointed, in a number of aspects," he says. "I'm very, very disappointed in RZA, to the point of hurtfulness. I'm really hurt." (Through his publicist, RZA offered no comment for this story.)

thats really shocking, i mean rza really fucked up on this one, i mean gravediggaz helped build his career, and hed been friends with these guys for years
poetic deserved better
just to know that he died with that on his mind makes me think less of RZA as a person

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