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Originally Posted by venex View Post

but I don't agree with him beeing the best outta gravediggaz, I gotta pick the RZA, he was definately (!) better then poetic & frukwan...

if you listen to songs like:

diary of a madman,
1800 suicide,
pass the shovel,

he tops poetic & frukwan with ease!

practically all tracks from 6 feet deep, the RZA came best...

but this ain't the thread, so yeah, poetic is also an insane lyrisict. may he rest in peace!
hes better on diary of aa madman
but they both fuckin wreck on 1800 suicide

hey ya lil rich kid whats ya beef
come and tell the grym reaper all of ya grief
you ask for a benz and ya only got a jeep
ya pops got ends but yo hes mad cheap
maybe ur a bastard child ya think .........then it gets sicknin
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