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actually your not the only one that has come to that conclusion....

if you remember wutang and bad boy didn't really get along...if you remember cuban linx the interlude (shark niggaz) ghost was referring to biggie biting nas's illmatic album cover........and on wu tang forever rza speaks on "niggas dressing up acting like thise some sort of fashion show" and he speaks on niggas biting followed by "we told ya niggas on cuban linx stop biting our shit"...again referring to bad boy.....shortly after biggie things happened that showed puffy was trying to hit some nerves inside the clan...1...puffy releases a solo entitled "Forever"...coincidence i think not...shortly after that there was a p.diddy and the fam album which i'm not so sure if it was titled "the saga continues"(sound familiar?) but there were advertisements all over the place displaying the it seems puffy purposely did these things to piss people off...but thats just how i took it...

you decide for yourself..

p.diddy FOREVER

the saga continues??????????
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