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Originally Posted by coughcool View Post
There is a difference between RZA and Puffy. RZA is not really known for straight jacking someopne elses shit so Rza might be paying homage to KRS.....BUT Puffy on the other hand is a straight up thief. As some one said earlier, its funny that he called his second album FOREVER and the follow up The Saga Continues....but thats not proof enough. So, Here is the best example of Puffy being of questionable character.

Back when Biggie died, Puffy came out with a tribute song to him called "Ill be missing you". The only problem was that he didnt write it. Puffy HIRED Sauce Money to write the lyrics. The beat is another jacking of an 80's song. So what did Puff really do besides cash that check? He couldnt even write his own lyrics to pay respect to his recently murdered best friend...but I guess he can release a song he didnt write under the guise that he is personally sending a heart felt message of loss and make money off it. Thats fucked up.

Puffy has always been a beat hack who has always hired people to write lyrics for him. you cannot say the same about RZA.
I don't kow why everyone is so offended that Puffy didn't write that song. Dre didn't write the song about his brother on 2001 either.

As for Puffy jackin' shit, sorry i don't see it.
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