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Originally Posted by Wu-Disciple View Post
i don't consider these figures a failure.

in this day of booty shakin, ying yang, and laffy taffy, for fishcale to move 250k in a month or two is a major achievement.

i think we've been conditioned to acceptin gold and platinum as the norm

but 250,000 records sold, in a month or two. that's 250k persons who actually purchased the album. shit by any standard that's a great achievement

That don't mean shit, this is a million+ dollar game home boy and 250k is a long ways from 1 million. Cat's do 250 in a week or two let along 5 weeks. My point that's like comparing wal mart billion dollar retail outlet to Sears Million kid they don't compare yo.

edit as far os the Jay Z hate yeah use him as the scapegoat it's like that it's like that. But if your album isn't getting promotion than don't blame him blamee the artist. When you learn supply and demand you will learn that what these dudes are supplying on a hand full of heads are demanding. Don't get mad at any one because your fav artist isn't 'IN' Look at in the sense that this every dog has his day
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