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Originally Posted by Dirty Knowledge View Post
Ken Shamrock is the master and ruler of UFC. All fighters in their young ages can beat on Shamrock now, but give Shamrock 15 years back and see how bad David Ortiz nephew gets the shit beat out of him. Shamrock means more to this sport than anybody and in the rematch to that bullshit PPV bout, Shamrock is going to find the spirit and the intensity to beat the shit right out of Tits Ortiz punk ass.

I don't think he can win. The first fight was amazing as Shamrock took a hell of a beating. He did not give up though and you have to respect him for that. The second fight he was about to lose anyway. Sure the ref got in there a little early but Tito wasn't about to stop dropping the elbows. A few more and I'm sure there would have been a KO. If, like you say, Shamrock can find the heart and intensity then it will be a good fight. The only way I see Ken winning is with a lucky punch.
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