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Originally Posted by Kriszy Substance
I still disagree with the holding your hit in for as long as possible, dont really think it gets you higher, but to each his own. Gravity bongs are definatley the way to go for me, if I want to get really high. My newest thing has been to take a Sobe drink (glass) and pop a little hole at the base of it for a carb. THen punch a hole in the cap, put your stem in, and wha la!-you got a portable gravity bong. Simply cover the bottom hole with your thumb, fill up the Sobe bottle with water and screw your cap with stem on top. Spark it up and take your thumb off, the gravity of the water pouring out the bottom will pull the smoke in, real creamy thick, and unscrew top, hit it. Trust me, its nice, but dont hold those hits in too long!
we call this way 'da wet' )) da smoke is rather cool and it's very pleasantly 2 smoke hashish this way. and believe me, dere's nothin' bad in holdin' the smoke too long even in this situation
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