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Wu-Disciple shaolin monk

interesting. I've listened to that show. it gets quite personal at times ( w/ people telling their stories ).

there's one thing i've always believed in: one should find his/her niche by first knowing yourself and accepting who u are. it doesn't mean u shouldn't interact w/ people of other "niches". it only means u should be u first, and still stay open to new ideas.

it all sounds deep and all, but i think u could apply that to anything.

like rza for instance, he shouldn't try to go mainstream ever. i know going mainstream means more dough. but it would be unlikely that a producer like timbaland or jermaine dupri to have been featured on this kinda show. this goes to say what kinda producer/musician rza is. and his previous endeavors show that as well: the kinda movie he scores, the documentary he was a part of, some of the people he's worked w/.........

got to go ...i'm at work
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