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federal fruads, body few dogs... ( for talking large )
parley vous with big dogs..
party wtih shottas up on the rooftops..
shoot cops, on my tail..
birds droped droped on em scales..
rats popped missed nails..
stay kidnapped till em sales...
bounce back for your bail..
throwin stones in the air like twister hail..
throwin change on thee gal like mystical..
tical, before im pluggin a pal..
forty cal, packin, more laughs then a jackal..
fuck who cares bout em shackles..
battles in the 420 under the saddle...
on boat trips more then em paddles..
cock em back, lower that, concel em sacked...
pop the latch, grab the mans, drive em by a wooden path..
see new jack, untuck that, flip em like flap jacks..
syrup on his flat stats...
working cause of cause??
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