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Default Re: who can step to this?!

Originally Posted by akabobbyd
G UNIT! oo2 is a straight gangsterrrrr
da fuck ya talkin bout. i hate those muthafuckas. they're da wackest.. if yall want quality gangsta shit, listen to Kool G Rap or the old Mobb Deep.

here, i'll even recommend some shit:

Kool G Rap - "Live and Let Die" , "4,5,6" , "The Roots of Evil" , "The Giancana Story"

Mobb Deep - "The Infamous" , "Hell on Earth" , "Murda Muzik", "HNIC"

you can start w/ theze.
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You jealous because i'm not nice to hoes like you are?
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Don't be complaining to me when your bitch plays your ass and takes your money.

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