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Originally Posted by suav3 View Post
confident swagger, getbent stashin em daggers...
discardedem in battles bladder..
or anyone lookin fatter..
im in to cookin the batter..
up in the mix, get upped with em tips..
tips from the clips, off shit, then out in the mist..
gripin on to the matrix, fuck reality patrionism..
i get into temples like exorcism...
break it down from the inside propositions..
get more brains then the coroner..
or university forensic professors..
i mean gettin brains on phat shirts..
from fat headed jerks..
with no work but still needed work..

You'll leave daggers in who's bladder ?
I'll leave you thrown off a ladder
Your head broken and spent like a token
On smoke you'll be chokin'
Like dead meat you'll be roasting
I know you aint boasting
Or else your bread I'll be toasting
This is nothing only a warning or me coasting
You best keep my name out your protesting
Or else your lungs will get conjesting
You'll be in need for some suggesting
On your head heavy I'll be resting
Now suave was it really me that you were testing ?

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