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Well, I dont know about that Americans not inhaling all of it stuff. I certainly dont put that shit to waste, except maybe the resin and extra black chunkies, cauze I like it green and tasting good. Not really into smoking resin, I give it to my friends when they are out of smoke, dont waste it, but dont smoke it. Smo- 'da wet'- that is a perfect name for it cause I usually do end up gettin myself wet! I like that. But dont you all actually like to blow out a big hit after you have held it in for a couple seconds? I mean if you hold it in for too long, then you just blow out way stale smoke, and not much of it. I love the feeling of blowing a huge chronic hit out of my lungs, fill up the room and watch the smoke roll. I will always be a believer in the 5 second rule. Thats how long I keep it in and it works good for me. But for all I know, I am loosing out and not getting as bent as you all!
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