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Default Re: Who here is gonna Order the Tyson fight?

Originally Posted by Ronin
cool, i would bet on ali...he would head fuck tyson, probablky have the ropes loosened like against foreman lol

i think foreman wouldve hit just as hard as tyson though, and ali absorbed for 7 rounds
Not to put a dent in the old rope a dope... but refs today wouldnt allow that for 7 rounds man. I guess these topics get discussed all over the world every day but its shite we gotta fantasise about legends fightin each other. There should be a HW division like the 140lb. Be real healthy for every1. But like I said, HW fighters are gettin harder to find as the years go on due to the increased pay checks in other sports and the evolution of other fight sports. Gonna have to get used to discussions man.

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