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Bloo drunken mastaBloo drunken mastaBloo drunken masta
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I got a flow for ya...

Yo, Smoke Blunts... oops Smoke Cunts/
Punk ass chump/
Fuck wit my tribe, we'll cast your fuckin ass like a runt/
Postin rhymes on Wu Corp like they the shit/
You ain't got a bitch, that's you suckin dicks on your skit/
Threads been up all day and you ain't even reply/
Murkin your style and I've only been rhymin since 10:55/
Now I'ma end this shit and let Wu Corp give me props son/
Then turn around and donate em to the Smoke Cunts Is Wack Fund/

Peash Byotch!
Still Ain't Nuttin Ta Fuk Wit
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