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Default Re: Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique is definately one of my favoirte rappers, it started with industrial revolution, i heard that and i got chills, and on some lines, i laughed they were so good. then i heard dance with the devil, and i havent heard rap on that depth since. IT isnt afraid to say 'fuck you' to police, government, and most importantly, the industry. because of this he will always be a favorite. I remember seeing a video of him performing, he was doin industrial revolution, and i couldnt even stay seated, it got me soooo hyped up. i hope i can see him this summer at a club in cambridge, but its 18+ :-( IT is possibly the deepest rapper on the scene now, and i think revolutionary 1 and 2 are classic albums, and i hope that The Middle Passage and Revolutionary vol. 3 are at or above the level set by rev. 1 and 2

kinda long, but i could keep going if i wanted to, haha

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