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Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Yo Emcees Aint Lyrically Ready For The Trumpets
I Made It Since Birth To Elavate
Mindstates Since The Beginning
Sending Messages Back To The Wack
Acts Flip Cats
Like How I Flip Scripts
Qoutes Shut Opponents
To Rodents
Eating Off Shit
I Pile All Over It
Send The Reply
I Sit Back Soviet Spy
444 On Your Mind Cant Twist The New Flava
Like Pepsi
Crush You Cans
Alluminum Soak Up The Energy Mutant Emcee
Naw Fuck Its Me
Trumpets Blows The Winds To Your Area
Somethings Fishy
Can You Get Wit Me
Claiming Killah Bee
Sword Swing Cut The Head Of The Enemy
Slogans On Goodyear Blimps Reads Appacalyps
The Explosion Creates
Revelation Notions
Just Reside On The Coast
Whos Claiming Your Host
Trumpets Gives Signs On Post
Thread Spread A Worthy Cause
Round Of Applause
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