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I never followed The Nation Of Islam's way of teaching because it's wrong. They called Elijah Muhammad "The Messenger" when they all knew this was false. The Final Messenger was Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and he was in Mecca. Not Harlem.

I think what The Nation did was necessary at the time because Black people as a whole needed some kind of knowledge and unification. I won't say that The Nation messed those brothers up, because knowledge is all around and they know where to find it.
After Elijah Muhammad died, I believe it was his son Walleth Deen Muhammad that told the people, "It's time for you all to learn REAL Islam. Because this (The Nation) is baby stuff." Some went running back into the church once they found out about the work and severe punishments involved with the grave and Judgement Day.

I still say The Nation is twisted. Even though a lot of what Minister Farrakhan says is VERY true and I respect him, some of the things they teach are wrong. They outlaw shellfish and peanuts as "unhealthy". Meanwhile, the only things that are forbidden to us, as stated in The Qur'an are blood, carrion, swineflesh, and any food that's been dedicated to other than The Most High. Plus, they disrespect The Final Prophet (upon whom be peace) by saying that Elijah Muhammad is a Messenger from Allah. More innovations.

Plus, The Nation is racist. Minister Farrakhan, again, does his level best to unite oppessed PEOPLE. Not just oppressed BLACK people. Still, you can see it in them.

The only thing I learned from The Nation was to be prepared for war in times of peace and protective of your brothers and sisters. The rest is thrown away for me, because any form of Islam other than that practiced by The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and his companions is an innovation and therefore it's wrong.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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